These bunnies are absolutely gorgeous and come fully pedigreed and go back as far as three generations. Two of our breeders came from BOSB (best of show breed) bloodlines.

Our Holland Lop Buck

Stitch is a VC blue

Our Holland Lop Does

Lilo is a broken tort Holland Lop and our second doe is Meadow VM orange. Her blue eyes are so stunning and has produced BEW (blue eyed white) babies as well. A lot of breeders who breed to SOP (standard of perfection) would cull meadow and say BEW should only be bred with BEW and nothing else should be born with blue eyes. I certainly don’t agree with this, however with each breeding we will be working on always improving our lines.

We have been extremely lucky to have inherited our breeders from For The Love of Sandy Rabbitry located in New Jersey from our cousin Anna. Anna has raised high-quality Holland lops for over 10 years and just retired from breeding to focus on her new career. She is still with us every step of the way and has been amazing with guiding us on our breeding journey. Anna’s bunnies have always had a long wait list and have even been featured in a parent magazine.

Natures Love Farm will continue her legacy and are members of ARBA and HLRSC.

Expecting Kits

Kits must be at least 8 weeks old and at least one pound before we can let them leave our farm. View the available Holland lop bunnies that are ready to go home.

Holland Lop Waitlist and Deposit

Join our Waitlist!

A NON REFUNDABLE $50 deposit is required (deposits can be transferred). In the rare event that your 8-week-old bunny of choice doesn’t make it in our care a full refund of your deposit will be made or you can choose to transfer your deposit to another litter.

Please save the 8-week date in your calendar as your bunny will need to be picked up within 7 days or a $10 per day boarding charge will incur.

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About Our Holland Lops

Our bunnies are $150 and come fully pedigreed. We handle our bunnies daily and get them familiar with children and small dogs. We also start the potty-training right away with our litter boxes that we highly recommend.

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We’re confident you will simply love and adore these quality holland lop rabbits as much as we do. Each rabbit has its own personality and you’re going to love learning all about them. (insert photo of all the rabbits)

Holland Lop Bunnies for Sale NC

Holland Lop Bunnies for Sale in North Carolina

Find and purchase pedigreed Holland Lop bunnies that will make the perfect pet and companion in your home.