Our Chicken Story

I can remember when I was 26 living on a 4 acre lot and being so angry that i couldn’t have chickens. I had suppressed this “want” for years. When we moved I told my husband I just want the kids to be in a good school and oh, I want chickens. Well, we didn’t have either so we moved again, got the good schools but lived in another HOA. Then, 2020 hit. Walking the grocery stores and seeing empty shelves, every man for themselves is all i could see and here. I felt stupid. How could i trust that there would always be a grocery store to run to? Why didn’t I pay more attention to my grandfather when he was gardening? I don’t know the first thing on how to keep a plant alive, let alone grow it from seed. When I came back from the store I just looked at my three kids and thought to myself “if this keeps happening how can I provide for them?” That was my moment. I’m not going to stand here and wait for a hand out, I’m becoming self sufficient. We had a half acre in our backyard. We tilled up a small 50’x30’, brought in top soil and compost and grew our very first garden. While that was exciting I felt like I was still missing something. I had BEGGED for chickens for years. But this felt different, this had a purpose. We decided we’d buy 5 pullets ( pullets are young female chicks). We made them a brooder box, (a small heated place to keep chicks until they’re fully feathered, roughly 6 weeks) and started building a lean-to coop from our shed. Our back yard backed up to a farm so maybeeeee I could be slick and neighbors would think any chicken noises was from the farm.

Everything was running smoothly until my neighbor texted me…Hey!! What are y’all building back there? CRAP. I don’t like lying, we talked about moving before buying chickens but the market is crazy and we loved our home so smuggling chickens was the compromise. I looked at Allen and said I don’t care what anyone says, If the chickens go I go. It was funny, but i was serious. After seeing the amount of food we produced on such a small scale we just knew we were holding ourselves back from a much bigger potential.

Friends, Chickens are the gateway into homesteading and/or farming.

About Our Flock

Chicken math is a real thing! How many chickens do you have? We get this question A LOT. ..and my answer is always I don’t know but we have a lot and the number seems to continually grow. 1+1=2 , 2+2=9 — something doesn’t add up but we love it.

Chicken Breed Highlights

You’ll always want different breeds because either they look really cute like a Silkie (below left) or they lay a blue egg like an Easter egger (Lindsay, below center) or you want abundance like our Barred Rocks (below right).

Barred Rock Natures Love Farm

Silkie Chickens

We did decide to breed silkies on our farm and we’re currently getting 6 eggs a day, next month we will be closer to over a dozen a DAY.

Our silkie breeds currently include: Paint silkies, Gray silkies, White silkies, Blue cream silkies, Naked neck Silkies, and Buff silkies.

Satin Chickens

Then we have satans which are similar to a silkie but with a normal feather. We have a black satan, partrige satan, pencil satan, and a naked neck satan.

Frizzle Chickens

Last we have the frizzles, which as of now are only two, both roosters one black and one is paint.

Fresh Organic Eggs For Sale: We sell fresh organic cage-free eggs. If you're in town stop by.

Chicks for Sale / Breeding Plans: Very soon our breeding plans are being put together and we already have a few eggs in the incubator. Chicks hatch every 21 days so be on the lookout for new available babies on our website.

Hatching Eggs for Sale: Coming soon.

Chickens for Sale in North Carolina